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Welcome to the Ethereal Ink Tattoo Studio Website.


Ethereal ink is a custom tattoo studio located in Kinver, Stourbridge.


Clients are seen by appointment, please call or email to make an appointment.


Tel: 07806 429 249


Email: [email protected]


Please check out the Ethereal Ink gallery for examples of our work.


10 Chenevare Mews, Kinver, DY7 6HB


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Can I just drop in, or do I need an appointment?

Clients are seen by appointment only. Please contact us to make an appointment. We are happy to arrange over the phone a convenient time for you to pop in and have a chat if you need to discuss the work you want done.


Does it hurt?

This is highly subjective. The level of pain you experience will depend greatly on the area being tattooed and your personal pain threshold. The best answer is; yes it can hurt, but if it were that bad, people wouldn't get tattoos! We'll talk you through how it feels in detail when you come in for your consultation.


Can you tattoo over a scar or a large mole?



Do you provide a free touch up if required after the tattoo is healed?



How do I prepare before hand?

Eat something, get plenty of rest, don't drink alchohol or take any drugs, don't take any painkillers, try and relax and look forward to it.


I'll be 18 soon, can I get a tattoo with my parents / guardians permission before my birthday?

No. It is illegal to tattoo someone who is under the age of 18. Please don't be offended if we ask you for photo identification.


Do you tattoo pregnant or nursing women?



Can I have fluorescent ink?

Not at Ethereal Ink, sorry.



Can I have my face or genitals tattooed?

Sorry, not with us.


Can I have anything I want in my design?

Yes, within reason. We don't do racist or abusive designs. We reserve the right to refuse a design at our discretion.